Alexandre Pereira

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General fields

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Environmental impact assessment
Sustainable development

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EEG, Lda.

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Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

EEG is currently ahead of a pilot project in S. Miguel Island, Açores, aiming to reduce its environmental impacts in small rivers where we have mini hydro power installations. You are at the moment focusing in one particular small river where we have 4 mini hydro power plants. Since 2 years now, we implemented systems that allow us to capture elvers (baby eels, from the specie anguilla anguilla) and then we transport then up stream. The goal is to create the opportunity for the eel population to recover from the hydro power plants impacts and other impacts none associated with our business. Until today we capture around 700 elvers in this particular small river with the help of two capture systems.

Good practices your organisation could share on tropical and subtropical sustainable biodiversity management: 


Hydro power plants


Reduce the environmental impacts in small river ecosystems

Methodology implemented: 

Gather information about the ecosystem in particular by researching biography in those mathers and speaking with the population that uses for any mather the river in question.

Existing results: 

The creation of this pilot project to restore the eel population in a particular small river in S. Miguel Island, Açores. In the future, expand this porject to more rivers with the same issues.