Frank van Slobbe

First name: 


Last name: 

van Slobbe


no cv yet

Main field of expertise: 

General fields

Specialized in: 

Coastal development & planning
Conservation policy
Habitat conservation/management

Geographic region: 


Name of organisation: 

Island Government of Bonaire, Directorate of Spatial Planning and Development, Unit Environment and Nature

Type of organisation: 

Governmental/public administration

Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Terrestrial and Marine conservation & policy. Allocation of Protected areas and management.

Invasive Species. Free roaming donkeys, pigs and goats.

Reforestation of Bonaire dry forests. Restoration of Mangrove areas and Salinas.

World Heritage Nomination Bonaire Marine Park

Good practices your organisation could share on tropical and subtropical sustainable biodiversity management: 


Sustainable Spatial Planning


Allocating urban development areas, agricultural areas and conservation areas

Methodology implemented: 

Interactive consultation with all relevant parties. Physical spatial incorporating all sectors.

Existing results: 

Building activities and development take place in areas where no (or little) damage to areas of high biodiversity is expected.




Building of a wastewater treatment plant and sewage collection system to protect the marine park form wastewater impact.

Methodology implemented: 

Stakeholder consultation. Communication program for residential and commercial property owners.

Existing results: 

Protection of marine park by lowering waste water pollution levels.

Good practice & policies your organisation suggests/desires on (sub) tropical biodiversity management.: 


Invasive species management


Protection of endemic species and biodiversity

Methodology implemented: 

Monitoring and import regulation

Existing results: 

Very limited

Indicate info on projects dealing with socio-econ. valuation of biodiversity your organisation has been involved in/aware of.: 


What Bonaire Nature Worth

Methodology implemented: 

Elaborate research and stakeholder consultation

Existing results: 

The value of the Islands natural assets.

If involved in policy formulation / implementation, name policy related to your local policy in (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Marine park use policies (i.e. building, jetski's, diveschools, research)

Terrestrial area park usage policies

waste - and wastewater policies

Invasive species policies