Luz Paramio

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Main field of expertise: 

Marine Conservation

Specialized in: 

Coastal development & planning
Conservation policy
Environmental impact assessment
Habitat conservation/management

Geographic region: 


Name of organisation: 

Azores Science Regional/Univeristy of Azores Fund

Type of organisation: 

Governmental/public administration

Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

The project SEAValue proposes a valuation of the Sea of Azores The project aims the estimation of the contribution of the sea, including maritime and marine services ( ecosystem services). Nowadays, the world context of the sustainable ocean governance is one of the paradigms that the Azores Autonomous Region should address, in particular, due to the geographical position in the core of the Atlantic Estimate the value, economic, social and environmental value, bring the awareness of the benefits that the ocean, incluiding marine biodiversyity provides.

Good practices your organisation could share on tropical and subtropical sustainable biodiversity management: 


Protected Areas


The Network of Azores Parks aims to be a effective instrument to maintain the ecological consistence of azores ecosystem. The azores Marine Park is one of the most ambitious management instruments, aiming abroad the main marine protected areas of Azores, regarding the managements goals at funtional level.

Methodology implemented: 

Appling the IUCN methodology and based in the OSPAR marine areas, was design a system to protected the ecological network of the marine habitas.

Existing results: 

Azores Marine Park incluiding several protected areas and non-take areas.


Azores Ramsar Sites: Designation and Mangement


The 11 Azores Ramsar Sites represents the representative and importance of the wetlands in the Azores Region. These areas are biodiversity hotspot whit great support to ecosystem services.

Methodology implemented: 

the Researched developed a participatory methodology at two stages : one about planning with a expert panel for designation and another stage with public participation to design a management instrument (Ramsar Management Plan) and a visitor good practices guide.

Existing results: 

12 Ramsar Sites

If involved in policy formulation / implementation, name policy related to your local policy in (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Azores Marine Park (AMP) Legal Framework

Legal and Technical Framework of Azorean Protected Areas

Watersed Managemet Plan Lagoas do Caiado, do Capitão, do Paul, do Peixinho e da Rosada" Pico Island

Ramsar Convention Azores Implementation