Martin Hamilton

First name: 


Last name: 




Main field of expertise: 

Terrestrial Conservation

Specialized in: 

Habitat conservation/management
Invasive species control/research

Geographic region: 


Name of organisation: 

Royal Botany Gardens, Kew

Type of organisation: 


Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Developing Ex Situ Conservation Collections of UK Overseas Territories Plant Species In-Territory and at Kew The UKOTs Ex Situ Conservation Collections are being developed to secure threatened species from the Territories in ex situ cultivation for long-term conservation. These collections are used to develop horticultural protocols, displays, research projects, and native plant alternatives for landscaping.

Seed Conservation in the UK Overseas Territories Supporting partners in the UK Overseas Territories in collecting seeds of priority plant species for ex situ conservation at the Millennium Seed Bank.

Turks and Caicos Islands Pine Recovery Programme The Caicos pine is under immediate threat from the invasive insect pest, pine tortoise scale. Kew’s UKOTs Programme is working with local and international partners on the Caicos Pine Recovery Project to save the tree from extirpation through in situ and ex situ conservation measures.

Good practices your organisation could share on tropical and subtropical sustainable biodiversity management: 


Ex-situ conservation


Secure plant genetic material in ex-situ collections.


In-situ conservation


Identify areas with high plant diversity for local protection.