Ruben Huttel Heleno

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My main research interest is in using complex species-interactions networks to frame important conservation problems at the community level. Such trophic or mutualist networks offer an holistic view-point to evaluate the causes and consequences of disturbances, such as the impact of biological invasions or biodiversity-loss, on important ecosystem functions, particularly seed-dispersal and pollination. A second passion is uncovering the rules guiding island colonization and community assembling.


I'm a researcher at the Centre for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra.

Past work in the UK, Azores, Galapagos Mozambique, São Tomé & Principe and Portugal 

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Terrestrial Conservation

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Invasive species control/research

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Continental Europe

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University of Coimbra

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Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Closing the seed dispersal loop: How does seed dispersal affect plant population structure at the global, regional and local scales?

Importance of single and double plant-vertebrate mutualisms on islands: Double benefits, double risks?

The colonization history in the Galapagos islands by plants: floristic, diaspore and phylogenetic analysis

Redes mutualistas en las islas Galápagos: Impactos directos e indirectos de especies invasoras sobre plantas amenazadas

Exploring biodiversity and ecological networks for forest conservation and restoration in Gorongosa National Park – Mozambique