Biodiversity Toolbox

The Biodiversity Management Toolbox is a product of the NetBiome CSA network, a partnership for research and sustainable management of  (sub)tropical biodiversity in the European Outermost Regions (ORs) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs). This toolbox, focusing on the (tropical and subtropical) European OR/OCTs. provides a database of stakeholders involved in biodiversity management and research . This includes details on their areas of expertise, interests and activities, and—for registered users—their contact details too. The toolbox also provides a list of case studies for biodiversity valuation in, or relevant to, the EU OR/OCTs, with links to the original studies. Other resources include a list of good practices for biodiversity conservation, and a list of training and communication materials on biodiversity valuation with links to the original sources. In addition to these data resources, the toolbox provides a dedicated communication tool for registered stakeholders, allowing them  to launch queries or discussions, develop projects or seek partners for collaboration.

Fishingboat, credit P.HoetjesFerns on Reunion, credit J. Irissin-MangataMangroves, credit Mangrove Info & Kayak Center BonaireRainbow Parrot Fish, credit Maryke Kolenousky