Biodiversity valuation

Case studies for biodiversity valuation
A searchable inventory of case studies on the economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in ORs/OCTs and beyond. This inventory is the result of a non-exhaustive review of peer-reviewed literature and technical reports that has been carried out in the context of NetBiome-CSA. The data presented include the location of the valuation study, the individual ecosystem services(s) covered, the valuation methods applied, as well as links to the original publications. The Report on The value of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU’s Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories is avalable for download.

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Training and communication materials on biodiversity valuation
To promote capacity building regarding decision making on socio-economic valuation of biodiversity, a list of training and communication material on valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services is provided here. The materials gathered here cover a range of purposes, from providing introductory background knowledge to developing capacities and sharing best practices for practical application, and target a variety of stakeholders and audiences. They include a wide range of approaches to valuing nature and biodiversity, including ecosystem services and natural capital approaches as well as non-western narratives on the value of biodiversity. Some materials are country or region-specific, and others are for general application.

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Uptake of ecosystem valuation in policy making

Through a series of interviews with stakeholders in five EU ORs/OCTs, the uptake of ecosystem valuation resources in policymaking was investigated.

The report Uptake of ecosystem valuation in policymaking in Europe’s overseas entities. Applications, barriers to use and opportunities for improved uptake delivered in January 2016, proposes a more complete picture of the application of ecosystem valuation in policy practice.

A complementary research brief on How to increase the uptake of biodiversity valuation resources in EU OR/OCT policymaking summarizes the key findings and recommends priority areas for action.