Guidlines for community based approach to fisheries


The guidelines are intended to help communities, government agencies and non-governmental organisations(NGOs) in Pacific Islands countries (PICs) work together to develop and implement community-owned fisheriesmanagement plans for a designated area. Although the guidelines are particularly designed to enablea government fisheries agency to work with communities to manage coastal areas, they may be used by anygroup, including community leaders, an environmental agency or an NGO, for the same purpose.

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-Linked to NetBiome topics “conciliating conservation and sustainable management in support to sustainable dev.”-Multi-stakeholder participative approaches-Remarcable co-management initiatives-Knowledge transfer, by simplification of expert knowledge to no specialized audience

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Biodiversity management (e.g. conservation ex situ and in situ, sustainable use and exploitation, rehabilitation, management of invasive species, pollutants, pesticides)
Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)

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