Management plans for PAs and MPAs


Contrary to most management plans, a key component of the Dutch Caribbean management plans for terrestrial and marine protected areas is the stakeholder input.The project was developed with substantial input from WCPA members and aims to provide assistance and support the development of management plans by protected area management organisations for their protected area.

Additional remarks: 

Category of best practice: 

Biodiversity management (e.g. conservation ex situ and in situ, sustainable use and exploitation, rehabilitation, management of invasive species, pollutants, pesticides)
Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)

Criteria used to define the best practice: 

Significant contribution to preservation of biodiversity and ecological effectiveness
Applicability/transferability to other regions
Sustainability of projects (i.e. projects remain beyond the given funding)
Adaptive management of biodiversity (allowing to cope with change of environmental conditions, e.g. climate change in time)
Good governance (involve relevant stakeholders and integrate different interests and perspectives and needs in part from local stakeholders)


Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance - DCNA (NGO). Kaya Finlandia 10A, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

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Kalli De Meyer ( - Director

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Aruba, Bonaire, CuraƧao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten