Review of the Financial sustainability of the nature parks in the Dutch Caribbean


Ten years after the feasiblity study for a trust fund, the financial situation is evaluated again in view of the drastic changes in the global financial landscape. Fifteen years after the first analysis of financial needs a re-evaluation is needed to ensure sustainability of the DCNA network of protected areas.

Additional remarks: 

Report still in draft form, to be finalized June 2015

Category of best practice: 

Biodiversity management (e.g. conservation ex situ and in situ, sustainable use and exploitation, rehabilitation, management of invasive species, pollutants, pesticides)
Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)

Criteria used to define the best practice: 

Applicability/transferability to other regions
Sustainability of projects (i.e. projects remain beyond the given funding)
Good governance (involve relevant stakeholders and integrate different interests and perspectives and needs in part from local stakeholders)


World Wildlife Fund Netherlands in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs Netherlands, and DCNA

Contact details: 

Ingvild Harkes ( - Coordinator Caribbean Netherlands

Geographic region: 



Aruba, Bonaire, CuraƧao, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten