A study of sea cucumber fisheries and bêche-de-mer production in the western South Pacific


The study is focused on the bêche-de-mer industries in four Melanesian countries and one Polynesian country: Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Solomon Islands (SOL), Vanuatu (VAN), Fij (FIJ) and Tonga (TON).

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-Linked to NetBiome topics “conciliating conservation and sustainable management in support to sustainable dev.”

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Biodiversity management (e.g. conservation ex situ and in situ, sustainable use and exploitation, rehabilitation, management of invasive species, pollutants, pesticides)
Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)


Secretariat of the Pacific Community (International Organisation)

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Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga