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The project aims to underline the socio-economical added value of small farming in Guadeloupe. Objective: agree on the scope and definition of small farming in the context of Guadeloupe archipelago.

Additional remarks: 

Duration of the project: 1 year (step 1), 4 days seminar (step 2). Topic: agriculture. Methodology: participative research. Replicable, bottom-up approach, involvement of the kind of actor from the filed crop to the laboratory, including training center, policy makers and technical transfer center. The project involves small farmers and invites them to debate on what could be the definition of small farming in the context of Guadeloupe, what are the main issues to foster and sustain small farming, which can of support could be set up, technical advice, training opportunity, access to knowledge, financial, research project.Key issues:-Identity small farmers, relevant ones who could represent this kind of agriculture and also express themselves during an open meeting, with other stakeholders;-Invite them to express themselves on their activities, difficulties and expectations-Agree on a common definition-Set up an action plan to maintain and foster the effectiveness of small farmingImplementation:-Conduct field work and collect the views of different actors by organizing small meetings with farmers in different agricultural zones of Guadeloupe archipelago (mobilization trough open agriculture market, city hall communication, NGOs, ..)a.Invite them to react on what could small farming and so onb.Identify the main issues raised c.Ease the identification of potential speakers or contributor for the final seminar-Set up a movie on what could be small farming with some small farmers introducing themselves;-Seminar of exchange with stakeholders and keynote speaker (every participate stay the evening in the same hotel to foster exchange and discussion):a.Organize a breaking ice event on the first evening of the 4 days seminars (small group of photos about farming and brainstorming the link with small farming, expression of expectation on board)b.Keynote speakersc.Small working group on some already identified key issuesd.Continue of the discussione.Synthesis of the work and presentation in a open plenary sessionKeys words: participation, involvement of stakeholders, expression of expectations, participative process, small farming.

Category of best practice: 

Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)

Criteria used to define the best practice: 

Good governance (involve relevant stakeholders and integrate different interests and perspectives and needs in part from local stakeholders)
Generating multiplier/imitation effects


INRA Antilles Guyane (National institute of research on agriculture)

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Harry Ozier-LAFONTAINE (, Position: President, Tél.: +590 590 25 54 05Françoise WERDENBERG ( Tél. : +332 40 67 52 02

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