Funding programme dedicated to R&D for sustainable management of marine ressources of New Caledonia. Is the interface between managers and scientific community of priority topics: Sea-cucumber and Clams ecology for managment puroses, studies on connectivity (habitats diversity/species richness and diversity/impact of fisheries; ecology of fish lavae and habitat dependency) etc.

Additional remarks: 

-Multi-stakeholder, participative approaches-Thematic program of structure that built multi-actor partnerships (science-society), in order to i) clearly formulate societal needs that could be addressed through science and ii) ensure the transfert of knowledge to the defined audience)-Knowledge transfer, by simplification of expert knowledge to no specialized audience

Category of best practice: 

Biodiversity management (e.g. conservation ex situ and in situ, sustainable use and exploitation, rehabilitation, management of invasive species, pollutants, pesticides)
Governance and policies (e.g. interactions science/societies, regulations, decision-makers, networks, international collaborations)

Criteria used to define the best practice: 

Applicability/transferability to other regions
Sustainability of projects (i.e. projects remain beyond the given funding)
Good governance (involve relevant stakeholders and integrate different interests and perspectives and needs in part from local stakeholders)
Generating multiplier/imitation effects


ADECAL - ZONECO program (Association)

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Manuel Ducrocq (

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New Caledonia