António Domingos de Sousa Abreu

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António Domingos Abreu

Born in Funchal, Madeira, biologist; PhD in Marine Biology.

Environmental Expert by the Portuguese Chamber of Biologists

Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK)


Fields of work:

biodiversity, ecology, impact assessment, climate change, protected areas, environmental tourism and environmental management, environmental certification.


Experience (current and recent):

Current activity includes teaching, research and consultancy:

  • Programme manager –Príncipe Trust Foundation, responsible for the Conservation and Biosphere Management
  • Consultant and Scientific adviser for international agencies (African Development Bank, UNESCO, IUCN, World Bank, IFAD) and Governments, including activities such as design and application of Biosphere Reserves, Management plans and development of action plans
  • Dean of the Portuguese Chamber of Biologists (2010 -201)
  • Vice President of the European Environmental Advisory Councils;
  • Member of the Portuguese National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Former Regional Director for the Environment of the Madeira Autonomous Regional Government (2000-2007).



Main field of expertise: 

General fields

Specialized in: 

Climate change
Environmental impact assessment
Park & Reserve management

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Name of organisation: 

Independent Consultant

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Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Management