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Registration: Colin is a European Professional Biologist and a Chartered Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK) and the Institute of Horticulture (UK).

Networks: he has served several terms of office on the British Ecological Society’s Public Policy Committee, chaired both the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism and the Environment Committee of the Royal Society of Biology. He has also served as President of the Kew Guild and is currently a member of the NetBiome-CSA Advisory Board.

Experience: encompasses environmental design, strategic planning, policy formulation, and the development of research programmes. It has involved protecting historic landscapes (Hindmarch, 1997; Hindmarch et al, 2000), integrating major new development schemes into the wider environment (Chineham, 1986), repairing and reinvigorating urban fringe landscapes, restoring land damaged by mineral extraction and other industrial processes, and highlighting the importance of sustainable land management practices (Hindmarch & Pienkowski, 2000).

Priorities: include putting the value of ecosystem services at the heart of economic planning (Hindmarch et al, 2006); developing policies that maintain ecological processes and enhance environmental ‘connectivity’ (Hindmarch & Kirby, 2002), and ensuring the sustainability of isolated ecosystems and their communities, including those of oceanic islands (Hindmarch, 2007; Bang et al, 2012).

Impacts: priorities have been potentiated through a range of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that have links with UK and EU statutory institutions. The Society of Biology (UK) helped to champion policy change in European agricultural policy (Hindmarch & Angeli, 2011) and highlight the need for the UK Government policy to value ecosystem services (Hindmarch et al, 2006). Importantly, his membership of the EU Biodiversity Strategy Working Group and the successor EU ad hoc Biodiversity Expert Group helped to embed a number of policy priorities in the EU Biodiversity Strategy, including a reference to Europe’s Overseas Territories. Policy citations include:

Advocacy: Colin has supported the development of sustainable environmental policy by submitting and defending evidence under cross-examination to more than fifty quasi-judicial public inquiries.




Publications referred to in the text above:

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Terrestrial Conservation

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Conservation policy
Landscape development
Sustainable development

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Continental Europe

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Landscape Planning and Ecology

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Landscape Planning and Ecology