María de los Ángeles

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Álvarez Laso



Mª Ángeles Álvarez Laso

Doctor cultural studies and European literature

47 907 18 079, Stemvegen 22 E, 4050 Sola kommune. Norway /

Cefilni Consulting

Adel Alas Foundation

I am passionate about culture design studies, ICT, and psychology research. As an educator, during more than 30 years I´ve been developing a philosophy for children research based on live narrative, building bridges for third culture kids and its families. I have opened an ICT solution in Norway called Cefilni Consulting, for developing digital resources for schools based on cultural awareness.

Our main project is called “Adel Alas” which does help Spanish speaking families to learn Norwegian by learning about the context and culture. For the next three years, we are developing Adel Alas digital manual which is called Aurora´s Journey which is a book about dialogues with families and children in the form of short stories. I am the director of the philosophy for children centre in Rogaland Norway, and we do work in libraries and cultural sites.

I come from a family of farmers focused in the Sider tradition from Asturias, Spain.

“Nietos de Asturias Sider” is a historical journey. We have developed the Sider tradition from North Spain in Mexico and formed a Museum. It is  at Agro-park la Esperanza

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Climate change
Environmental impact assessment

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Continental Europe

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Cefilni Consulting

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We do have a workshop at the National Library, Sandnes in Norway which focuses on future thinking and climate change