Tadzio Yuko Bervoets

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Tadzio Bervoets, M.Sc.


Ebenezer Estate # 10

St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean

Phone; +1 721 5263509

Email; tadziob@gmail.com

D.o.B: March 15th 1982






Work experience




  • Manager, St Maarten Nature Foundation, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. May 2010-present. The Management of a non-governmental NGO tasked with the management and conservation of St. Maarten’s remaining Natural Resources. Establishment and management of the Sint Maarten Marine Protected Area Man of War Shoal National Marine Park, overseeing the Invasive Species Program, management of the St. Maarten Marine Turtle Program, management of staff and daily operations of the park, installation and management of the Mooring Program, initiating monitoring and research projects and research scientists and various projects, attending numerous international conferences and events, increasing stakeholder involvement, ensuring sustainable funding, maintaining government contacts and continuing government lobby regarding sustainability and environmental management, overseeing annual budgets and work plans, maintaining contacts with international institutions, representation of the organization amongst the wider community, establishing a community based education and outreach program, initiate wider community involvement in environmental matters. Contact Mr. Jan Beaujon, Chairman of the Board St. Maarten Nature Foundation.


  • Chairman, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance Save our Sharks Project Committee. Project Management of the Save our Shark Project, one of the largest shark conservation projects being run globally though 1.7 million euro funding by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. The Chairman conducts overall project management, management of funds, and management of project on all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean and oversees the functioning of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance Secretariat with regards to the implementation of the project. Ref: Glen Thode, Chairman of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance




  • Chairman, Environment Workgroup National Economic Plan. Overseeing of the workgroup to create a sustainable economic vision for Sint Maarten together with stakeholders from a wide sector of the community. Conducting economic research in the feasibility of creating a Green Economy for Sint Maarten as part of the Economic Development Plan. Ref: the Minister of Economic Affairs


  • Member, Council of Experts. September 2015- Present. Member of the Council of Experts, representing the environment. The Council of Experts gives advice on the development of the Zoning Plans for St. Maarten taking into account the public consultations of residents on the draft zoning plans. The Council submits advice to Government concerning the draft plans and requests reviews based on the feedback by the population. Ref: Angela Dijkhoffz


  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance. August 2014- Present. Vice Chair of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), a regional partnership of conservation organizations, including the national parks on the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten) and is intended to support and strengthen the nature on the islands. The purpose of DCNA is to protect the extensive biological resources and promote sustainable development of the natural resources of these islands, both on land and at sea through developing sustainable funding sources such as a trust fund, building capacity through training workshops and promoting the Natural Environment on all six islands in the Dutch Caribbean. Ref: Glen Thode, Chairman.


  • Committee Member, National Development Plan St. Maarten. August 2012- Present. Committee member of the National Development Plan Committee for Sint Maarten tasked with Environmental Matters through assistance of the United Nations Development Program. Ref: the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.


  • Press Relations Officer, Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten. May 2012- November 2014. Press relations Officer for the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams. Maintaining of media relations, press release dissemination, press contacts, speech writing, multi-media management and social media content dissemination for the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten. Also involved in the production of radio material and audio-visual material related to the activities of the office of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten. Ref; Honorable Member of Parliament, President of Parliament Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams.








  • Board member, Social and Economic Council St. Maarten. December 2012- August 2013. Tasked with overseeing Environmental Issues for The Social Economic Council. The Social Economic Council seeks to contribute to good governance on Sint Maarten through its constitutional role in participatory and consensus orientated governance through providing government of Sint Maarten with solicited and unsolicited advice on all important social and economic issues. Ref: the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.


  • Committee Member, Millennium Development Goal Work Group. August 2010- Present. Environmental coordinator for MDG workgroup Sint Maarten tasked with implementing the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations on Sint Maarten specifically centered on Goal 7, Sustainable Development. Assist in developing the Sustainable Development vision and initiate sustainable development Projects for Sint Maarten through community oriented governmental and non-governmental projects. Ref: Mark Arnold, Director of the Department of Interior Affairs, Ministry of General Affairs.


  • Manager, St. Eustatius National Marine Park, St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles. March 2009-March 2010. The Management of a 32 square kilometer Marine Protected Area surrounding the Dutch Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius. Duties include: management of Marine Park Staff and Daily Operations of the Park, initiating research and monitoring projects, managing the Marine Park Mooring System, increasing communication amongst various stakeholders of the Marine Park, assisting in the STENAPA Education Program, researching funding opportunities from various International Agencies, law enforcement activities concerning the Marine Environment Ordinance, communication of Marine Park interests to Government officials on a Local, National, and International level, provide training and guidance for the incumbent Marine Park Manager . Contact, Mrs. Nicole Pozas-Esteban, Director STENAPA.


  • Conservation Officer Chumbe Island Coral Park Zanzibar, Tanzania, East Africa. September-December 2008. Reef Check Instructor, Head Ranger and Conservation Education Officer. Activities: the implementing of Reef Check Coral Reef monitoring protocol on local Zanzibari Reefs, the training of local fishermen to become Marine Park Rangers as a Sustainable Alternative Livelihood, the guidance of reef related activities and guest education, the compiling of an updated coral reef species list, and the execution of sea urchin (Diadema) surveys at the Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar Tanzania. Contact, Mr. Anders Knudby, Environmental Coordinator CHICOP.





  • Ocean Care Foundation Vice President. Project Coordination Officer and Outreach and Communications Officer. June 2005-July 2008. Board Member of the Ocean Care foundation; a non-profit, environmental non-governmental organization tasked with public education of the importance of the natural environment of the North Eastern Caribbean, particularly the aquatic environment. Tasks included: foundation management, coral reef surveys, educational programs, and the writing of project proposal for governmental funding. Activities also included the designing and implementation of significant education and outreach programs. Dive Safety Activities related to coral reef monitoring and media tasks pertaining to the dissemination of information linked to environmental awareness in the North Eastern Caribbean. Contact: Mr. Jesus Ruiz-Lopez, President.



  • Project Total Economic Valuation of Bermuda Coral Reefs. May-June 2008. Coordinate and implement the Choice Modeling aspect of the Total Economic Valuation of Bermuda Coral Reefs and the writing of the report concerning the findings of the study. Study included the interviewing of all relevant stakeholders and users of the coral reef ecosystem, Choice Model Survey development, survey delivery, and Choice Modeling post-survey. Project also included education and outreach regarding the project. Project used to implement new Management Strategy for Bermuda Coral Reefs. Contact Dr. Pieter van Beukering, Luke Brander, Institute voor Milieu Vraagstukken, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



  • Contributing Writer The Voice Magazine. September 2006- May 2007. Contributing writer for the Voice Magazine of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, on a wide array of Environmental and Political topics.


  • Dive Officer for Island Diver Eco-Dive Company April 2005- June 2007. Tasks included small boat handling, guided dive tours, basic SCUBA dive instruction. Instruction specifically centered on the certification of young adults ages 11 to 16. Projects also included education and outreach to dive companies regarding sustainable dive practices and coral reef conservation. Tasks also included various commercial diving activities (mooring placement and maintenance, sub-aqua vessel maintenance, scientific diving)









  • St Maarten Government Bureau for Constitutional Affairs: January 2005-june 2005. Tasks: 1. assisting the island government in various nation building tasks on the island’s road to becoming a new country. 2. Drafting up of reports pertaining to the island’s new constitutional status and how it will fit into the international system. 3. The hosting of meetings amongst various community councils in order to disseminate information pertaining to the constitution. 4. Assisting in researching how the new constitution should be drafted. 5. Assisting in programs directed towards introducing constitutional material into school curricula on the island. 6. Acting as an observer in various summits and conferences between the islands of the Netherlands Antilles and European countries pertaining to the restructuring of the Netherlands Antilles. 7. Various clerical and office duties. Ref: Dennis Pantophlet, Head of the Bureau for Constitutional Affairs.


  • Freelance Journalist: September 2004-June 2005. Tasks: The writing of feature articles often published on the front page of some of the Netherlands Antilles’ leading newspapers. Ref: Fabian Badajoz. Articles include: a. Jaws in Great Bay b. Rally around the flag c. Rest in Peace Salt Pond d. A true St. Martiner e. Dolphinarium? f. Racism on the island g. Rest in Peace salt Pond. h. The Importance of World Environment day.


  • Journalist at the Today Newspaper: May 2004-August 2004. Tasks: The writing of news articles on a daily basis to be published in one of the Netherlands Antilles’ leading daily newspapers. Portfolio included environmental news, political and international news, culture, education, culinary events, special events, nature, and entertainment. Ref: Fabian Badejo, Ed.








Education and Certificates



M.Sc. in Environmental Resource Management (Cum Laude, Hon.) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Specialty: Management of Coral Reef and Littoral Ecosystems. September 2007- August 2008.


Thesis title: The Choice Modeling of Coral Reef Ecosystems on Bermuda.











BA in International Studies (Summa Cum Laude, Hon.)


Minor in English Language and Literature


Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Certificate in Middle Eastern and European Studies


University Of South Florida, Tampa, Florida January 2001- May 2005  



Language Proficiency:


1. English (Fluent)

2. Dutch (Fluent

3. French (Proficient)

4. Spanish (Proficient)






  • Certificate in Basic Financial Management
  • Certificate in Organization and Staff Management Training
  • Basic Military Training Voluntary Corps St. Maarten
  • Law Enforcement Capacity Training BAVPOL
  • Certificate of Basic Veterinary Care
  • GIS/ ArcGIS Certificate
  • Certificate Data Management and Quality Control
  • Certificate of handling and biopsy sampling of large marine mammals
  • CMAS SCUBA Instructor ***
  • Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) Divemaster
  • Emergency First Responder
  • Certificate of Competency for Sea Going Motor Vessel up to 50 meters
  • Instructor Reef Check Eco Diver Program Coral Reef Monitoring Protocol Science Diving Program
  • Certificate of Completion of Mooring Installation Work
  • Certificate of Completion Coral Reef Climate Change and Bleaching Management
  • Certificate of Completion Marine Mammal Stranding Workshop









  • Sigma Phi Beta Honor Society for Academic Achievement
  • Crystal Pineapple Community Award for Environmental Achievement 2012
  • Crystal Pineapple Community Award for Environmental Achievement 2013
  • Crystal Pineapple Award for Environmental Achievement 2014
  • Person of the Year 2014 EcoVision Foundation



Main field of expertise: 

Marine Conservation

Specialized in: 

Habitat conservation/management
Park & Reserve management

Geographic region: 


Name of organisation: 

Sint Maarten Nature Foundation

Type of organisation: 

Nature area management

Main project your organisation is involved with, in relation to (sub)tropical biodiversity: 

Management of Ecosystems and Protected Areas for Sint Maarten