Mapping ecosystems and their services

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José Azevedo
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Mapping ecosystems and their services

In the context of its role as coordinator of BEST III Macaronesian Hub, FRCT has been asked to include information on ecosystem services on the Ecosystem Profil it is producing (see present version here).
A quick survey shows that

  1. the MAES Digital Atlas has very basic marine and terrestrial ecosystem maps (just marine, for the Azores) and no mapping of ecosystem services;
  2. the MAES site only one case study of ecosystem services mapping which includes Macaronesia. It was provided by Spain in the context of the Millenium Assessment. The geographic information produced is very coarse and of no use to complement the KBA definition and prioritization in the Canary Islands.
  3. There are several papers and technical reports dealing with issues of mapping of ecosystem and their services, but they are very specific to an area and/or an ecosystem.

We appreciate any help you can provide us in locating additional information. This can take the form of cartographic resources, or papers you know or have co-authored.

Thank you.